Who are we?

Hi, we are Spordiklubi 7. We are here to help you fulfil your sports dreams in the comfortable and diverse sports hall of Tallinn English College together with experienced coaches!

Our goal is to support the healthy and sportive lifestyles of young people, offering various recreational activities ranging from swimming to basketball. We await children from grades 1 – 4 to participate in our practices.

Swimming pool

The indoor pool holds a 25 m swimming pool with four lanes. Each lane is 2.5 m wide. The depth of water is 1.65 m at its deepest and 1.1 at its shallowest end. The bottom of the swimming pool deepens at a uniform gradient. The ceiling and walls of the indoor pool are covered in acoustic panels. Dressing rooms and showers also used by the rest of the sports facility are situated on the same floor as the indoor pool.

Big hall

The big hall, which is 30 m long, 17 m wide, and 7 m high, is primarily meant for playing ballgames (basketball, football, volleyball, and badminton). Two of the walls have acoustic properties and are covered in soft faux leather wall panels for increased safety. Special ceiling panels are used to absorb sound. The hall has a “floating floor” system with maple wood covering, thus having near-ideal ball rebound and sliding properties.

Small hall

The small hall, which is 12 m long, 6 m wide, and 3 m high, is intended for group workouts (aerobics, shaping, Pilates, table tennis, etc.), educational training, and why not for children’s morning activities or even birthday parties. Two walls of the hall are covered in mirrors. The other two walls hold floor-to-ceiling windows and the floor has a special cover. The hall is installed with video and sound equipment.